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“Gunesh” company possess the plant of production of nitrogen and oxygen by separation of air . There are two liquid nitrogen and oxygen production lines which produce up to 1000 kg of nitrogen and oxygen per hour in compliance with the following standards: Technical and medical gas oxygen – QOST 5583-78 Technical and medical liquid oxygen – QOST 6331-78 Gas and liquid nitrogen – QOST 9293-74.

There is a large park of 40; 50; 80 and 100 litres tanks with working pressure from one 150 to 350 bars, approximately 3000 items; pallets with capacity of 12; 16 and 20 tanks, 50 items; “offshore” and “onshore” monobloсk units with capacity of 12; 16; 48 and 64.

Our park of cylinders, pallets and monoblocks periodically undergo certification, the company has the certificate on operation of all equipment. Also there is an opportunity to carry out the hydraulic test with the subsequent certification of cylinders.